Artist Bios

Morgan Barlow uses the theme of memory to inform her artwork. Barlow’s medium of choice is oil paint to illuminate landscapes and seascapes. She uses a fast-paced wet-into-wet style that allows for an expressive range of textures.

Mac Barnes is an oil painter and digital artist from Flagstaff, AZ. She received a Tanner Fellowship grant to paint a series of portraits during the summer of 2019, which were subsequently presented to St. Lawrence University’s Art & Art History Department.  Her work has been published in the Underground magazine, as well as featured in the St. Lawrence University Magazine and on Instagram. Her digital project is built upon her portrait series, focusing on aspects of individual personality.

Charlotte Bates is a multimedia artist who likes to experiment and play with ideas of personal stories and humor.  She makes art for fun and as a stress reliever. She hopes viewers will delve into memories of their own when looking at her work as she believes that, while we often feel alone in our experiences, it’s rarely the truth.

Gabe Craig is an artist based in northern New York. He works mainly in digital art and photography but has a significant background in hand-drawn art and design. His art often features references to both pop and outsider culture and frequently touches on modern issues such as technological overload and the anxiety created by our fast-paced world.

Inspired by the relationship between the artist and the created artwork, Flannery Dillon’s work ranges from large-scale oil paintings to small exquisitely embroidered patches.  Combining her love for practical and prestigious art, her work takes a variety of forms and functions, keeping her creative practice in a constant state of change. Frequently utilizing floral motifs and feminist viewpoints, Dillon’s work maintains themes familiar to her everyday life.
See her work @

Olivia Hart is a New England based graphic artist, musician, comedian, and traveler. She primarily finds inspiration in creating graphic projects through Illustrator, and has produced her own merchandise through her redbubble artist account. Hart grapples themes of yesteryear in her pieces – using color schemes and illustrations from the pop art era, and pairs this aesthetic with female forms to communicate a feminist point of view. She feels strongly about incorporating social activism into her art, especially regarding equality.

Raven Larcom studies biology and studio art and will pursue graduate study in biology at Virginia Tech in the fall of 2020. Inspired by her far-ranging studies, Larcom aims to merge art and nature in a way which challenges preconceived notions of beauty and comfort and brings attention to the relationship between humans and nature.

Meiting Li is a videographer who has always been fascinated by images of pop culture and how the world is represented from different perspectives. She is interested in trying different formats of videos, such as music, documentary, and conceptual and video art installations. As a videographer and photographer for the Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE), she has taken and edited numerous videos and photographs for performing artists such as Wale and Desiigner.

Annabella Pugliese has created artwork in a variety of forms but is primarily concerned with digital mediums.  She is interested in pursuing a career in graphic design as she enjoys problem-solving through creative strategies and visual communication.  Her work can be described as clean and playful, and often involves bold color schemes and graphic illustrations.   Her paintings and graphic design can be seen at

Influenced by both eastern art and western art, Wanqi Wang explores her interest in multiple mediums including oil painting, drawing, ceramic, fashion design, photograph and video art. She likes to make work regarding complex subjects and convey stories through her artworks.

Margeunsol Yang mostly works with oil and watercolor paints, using thick brush works and vibrant color palettes. Being influenced by her cultural background and the traditional Korean Minhwa painting, she is interested in creating landscape paintings with irregular brush strokes on flattened space to create new perspectives about nature through abstract and fragmented shapes.